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Dr. Paul E. Robbins BD, AD

The Natural Medicine
Doctor of Billings

Practice Started :

December 2010

Education and Training :

Institute of Bio Energetic Medicine 2011

Graduated Top of Class

Auricular Docturate & Bio Energetic Docturate

Our passion and specialty is in Bioenergetic Medicine and Biofeedback. Through our Full Body Scan, Auricular Therapy, and Meridian Balancing, we’re able to help our clients using a natural, whole body wellness technique. We believe this approach allows us to see the entire picture of a clients’ health that takes into account their physical, mental, emotional, and bioenergetic levels. 

We strive to provide the most comprehensive care in Bioenergetic Medicine with the newest technology in the field.  We seek to work with other natural health care professionals and modalities to ensure our clients ability to obtain whole body wellness.  We believe that there must be a strong relationship with other doctors and practitioners in order to better serve our clients’ best interests.

Dr. Paul E Robbins, the Natural Holistic Medicine Doctor of Billings, MT. Leaning against wooden wall.

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Full body wellness scan uses technology to identify your body's most pressing issues.


A gently applied pressure on the body to increase the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, and can help a number of ailments.


Treat the entire body with reflex points located on the ear.


Boost your metabolism, burn calories, detoxify, reduces body fat and cellulite while sitting down.


Improve health naturally without drugs. We match you to the best remedies.

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