What is Biofeedback?

A health screening that is a painless, quick and simple, effective way of finding out how your body is functioning.

We all respond to our environment differently. Biofeedback is the body’s own electrical process of monitoring how your body responds to various stimuli. It allows us to to monitor the health of your organs, your overall energy, as well as nutrition, hormones, and toxins found in your body. Scans also take into account any medications or supplements you may be taking and also recommends those that would be beneficial for your body’s health.

Our full body scan will give you the whole, all-encompassing picture of your overall health. Although this scan does not replace other specialized medical services, it does act as an indicator for areas of your health that might require further attention. Aimed at bringing your body back to a level of homeostasis, the whole body scan is a fantastic way of understanding your body, inside and out. With the Energetic Scan, you can apply bioenergetic principles, energy and practices in just a few minutes to evaluate clients in a new way for allergies, pathogens, toxins, emotional factors, structural issues, metabolic issues, and hundreds of other areas. The Energetic Scan help the clients understand what is keeping the body from getting back to the Homeostasis or “center of efficiency”.

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