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Why Far Infrared Energy is great for your health

Boosts Metabolism – Far Infrared Energy pulsates the water molecules in the body, and breaks down the water molecule clusters. This improves capillary function, allowing the water molecules to easily enter, revitalize and regenerate the body’s cells.

Burns Calories – The Relax Far infrared Sauna can produce 2 to 3 times the sweat of other FIR Saunas. Arthur Guyton’s textbook says that producing 1 gram of sweat burns .568 calories. Using the relax sauna for 15 minutes could easily burn about 600 calories, the equivalent of running 4-6 miles or doing a 45 minute cardiovascular workout!

Reduces Body Fat – Relax far Infrared Sauna can help reduce fat content up to 2% when used.

Enhances Detoxification – The Relax FIR Sauna can open up the pores in the body and release the toxins that are building up inside. It can clean up the body and reduce the workload of the body in removing toxins. We have dozens of testimonies indication its effectiveness.

Reduces Cellulite – We are having amazing results in the reduction of cellulite! Women are using the Relax Far Sauna and seeing up to 65%-70% improvement in their testimonies.

Pain Reduction – The uses for the Relax Far Sauna are being expanded all the time. Testimonies for pain reduction with people suffering from Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Headaches and more.

You can book the sauna here in our office, or talk to Dr. Robbins about having it loaned out to you for continuous use for the week.

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