You have truly been a blessing.  I’ve been consistently using the drops for about a year now. I was a mess when I came in. You ran the scan and I was amazed at how accurate it was. The results that it showed were most of the issues I had! I was extremely emotional, wasn’t thinking straight and the worst hot flashes ever! As long as I take my drops the hot flashes just don’t exist anymore. Thank you so much!

My husband has struggled with skin problems all of his 70 years and it wasn’t until we discovered potentized remedies that relief was found.  This was 30 years ago and it was hard to travel 900 miles to see the practitioner.  ASYRA was brought to my attention by a friend and we have been getting analysis and balancing remedies for more than two years.  The results are magnificent, painless, and affordable.  When his skin is exposed to wind, cold, sunshine, it swells, peals, cracks, itches, and is unsightly. The remedies bring fast relief and healing. The analysis addresses the whole body, emotions and environmental conditions.  It is amazing in the number of factors that can be addressed and in the order the body needs.

I have done energy work for 40 years and love the ASYRA because it is accurate, painless.  I can check remedies with muscle testing [it is always just what I need]. This system helps with heavy metal poisoning, allergies and sensitivities, much faster than any other method I have ever found. The detox protocols are just what my body needs and if they would ever be too strong, they are easily and safely corrected to what I need now.  This confidence means so much as I can concentrate on healing instead of maintaining or just getting better.

My son had trouble controlling himself and his temper starting at age 3.  He was very impulsive and flew off the handle very easily.  He had also started to develop sensory issues.  I took him to the doctor many times for behavior and trouble potty training.  They were never able to find anything wrong or offer any solutions.  He was getting to the point where he was always angry, his behaviors were effecting other children at preschool, and our entire family was suffering as well.  At my wits end I took the advice of a friend and took him to see Dr. Robbins.  After a biofeedback scan we were given a list of foods to stay away from and drops.  Within a week he was able to control himself and ask for help is something was bothering him.  Through the scans we noticed the gluten and wheat kept coming up.  We put him on a gluten free diet and he started flourishing (his potty trouble and bed wetting went away as well).  Flash forward a year, and he is doing very well in Kindergarten.  He continues to see Dr. Robbins and take drops.  He even has drops to take at school if need be.  Dr. Robbins was a godsend to my little boy and our entire family!

I received 6 sessions of Auricular Therapy from Dr Paul Robbins during the months of Jan – April 2013 to treat for diagnosed PTSD.  The treatment was remarkably effective.   It provided considerable relief for the following symptoms:  anxiety, depression/despair, sleeplessness, difficulty thinking clearly, difficulty processing information and making decisions.  The treatment was so effective that I believe these symptoms would have been eliminated entirely had the trauma events not been ongoing.  It accomplished more in this brief time than any other treatments I had tried or have tried since.

For anyone that suffers from allergies, please let me tell you of my latest discovery. Growing up I have experienced hay, pollen, and grass allergies. And as every allergy sufferer, I have taken over the counter medications, Dr. prescribed meds, and shots with all the same results. I would get a small relief for a short time. And every year the allergies would be stronger and so would the medications that I would have to take in order to have relief. I knew with the Bio Energetic Scans that it would help with me body’s ability to fight, but I was not sure if the nasty itchy throat; watery eyes; sneezing my brains out; run down feeling would diminish completely. I took one treatment with drops, 3 times a day for 4 weeks and I made leaps and bounds. I know that my hay fever is almost not noticeable, and the pollen/ grass allergies are minor. All this was made possible through my own body’s natural workings. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I feel that if I continue with the treatment for 3-6 months I would not have any allergies what so ever because of my body’s reaction in the Bio Feed Back Scan reports and of how I feel on a whole. Since I am not one that enjoys feeling like I have the flu for months, every year after year, I will spend my money on something that will evidently fix the problem instead of putting an undersized Band-Aid on any longer.

Signed with confidence

Jennifer Nichols

As a routine I did for my sister, Dr. Olivia Valenzuela N.D., I volunteered my help in her clinic with her interns. I have been exposed to many things during the Vietnam War, including the enemy that should have killed me. Thanks to my sisters’ help in detoxifying my body (to remove the poisons) I am alive today.

I met Paul Robbins on a day when the pain in my neck was at one of its peak days. We went through the regular appointment and I explained my history with his instructor (Dr. Olivia) on how she saved my life. But I still had the pains from a ‘booby trap’ that hit me below the nose and knocked me unconscious. This injury has plagued me for years, interrupting my sleep and interfering with the motion of my neck. I have tried Chiropractic, Cranial Sacral, Massage and a number of others to help with the pain.

Upon ending the regular office visit he asked me to lay down on the examination table for Auricular Therapy, something he does in Montana. The visit took about 45 minutes and when he was done I sat straight up and instantly had no Pain! I turned my head to the right and heard/felt a ‘pop’ in my neck but yet still had no pain!!! Turned the other way and still felt no pain! My neck is back to normal and I can sleep pain free to this day.

Valente Valenzuela served in Vietnam in the 101st Airborne. He was wounded and received a brass star for his bravery. This injury in conjunction with the stress of the Government trying to deport him, inflamed his pains to the surface that day in the clinic. I was honored to try Auricular Therapy on him.

Instant and full recovery after 43 years is not very common but does happen. We wish him the best in his continued fight to stay in the country, the one he chose to defend. If anyone would like to contact him or his brother they can go to They have a wonderful story to share. Keep up the good work Valente!

Paul E Robbins CBP & Auricular Therapist

The physical transformation I have undergone in the past five month is phenomenal! Within the first five days, much of my numbness diminished, joint pain of 25 years was gone, I could stand for more than a minute with out feeling faint, my heart palpitations were gone and my blood sugar regulated. The multiple sclerosis is totally under control plus a whole lot more!

The only “side effect” of any of the treatments for MS that Dr. Robbins prescribed was it balances my body as a whole! My mental clarity is vastly improved and my immunity is so much better that I have only had one infection in 5 months (when I ran out of the supplement Dr. Robbins recommended!) since I started Dr. Robbins’ treatment plan versus one or two inflections every month!

I cannot thank you enough,


Lisa Veland

23 November 2011
To whom it may concern:
I just had a wonderful experience at Big Sky Natural Wellness Clinic in Billings Montana with
Dr. Paul E Robbins!

The headache was very unpleasant, and ongoing for several days. Nothing helped. I made an
appointment for the 20 minute consultation. I was sold when I heard some of the same things I have heard for years about being healed by a slight adjustment to the body, and the body does the rest. I asked for the first scan, then Dr. Robbins was out of time so my headache, a tincture and I went home. The next morning I got up for the first time since, breaking my back, feeling a bit rested. Then a couple of hours later I noticed that I did not have the headache. What a miracle! Needless to say I signed up for more treatments and hope to get other issues back on track.

Thank you so much Dr. Robbins.
Yours truly,
Jackie Payne
Laurel Montana