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We are currently implementing the world’s most advanced technologies to effectively work with over 200 health conditions that affect our bodies. By using alternative and holistic modalities, we can do this naturally.


You have truly been a blessing.  I’ve been consistently using the drops for about a year now. I was a mess when I came in. You ran the scan and I was amazed at how accurate it was. The results that it showed were most of the issues I had! I was extremely emotional, wasn’t thinking straight and the worst hot flashes ever! As long as I take my drops the hot flashes just don’t exist anymore. Thank you so much!

My husband has struggled with skin problems all of his 70 years and it wasn’t until we discovered potentized remedies that relief was found.  This was 30 years ago and it was hard to travel 900 miles to see the practitioner.  ASYRA was brought to my attention by a friend and we have been getting analysis and balancing remedies for more than two years.  The results are magnificent, painless, and affordable.  When his skin is exposed to wind, cold, sunshine, it swells, peals, cracks, itches, and is unsightly. The remedies bring fast relief and healing. The analysis addresses the whole body, emotions and environmental conditions.  It is amazing in the number of factors that can be addressed and in the order the body needs.

I have done energy work for 40 years and love the ASYRA because it is accurate, painless.  I can check remedies with muscle testing [it is always just what I need]. This system helps with heavy metal poisoning, allergies and sensitivities, much faster than any other method I have ever found. The detox protocols are just what my body needs and if they would ever be too strong, they are easily and safely corrected to what I need now.  This confidence means so much as I can concentrate on healing instead of maintaining or just getting better.

My son had trouble controlling himself and his temper starting at age 3.  He was very impulsive and flew off the handle very easily.  He had also started to develop sensory issues.  I took him to the doctor many times for behavior and trouble potty training.  They were never able to find anything wrong or offer any solutions.  He was getting to the point where he was always angry, his behaviors were effecting other children at preschool, and our entire family was suffering as well.  At my wits end I took the advice of a friend and took him to see Dr. Robbins.  After a biofeedback scan we were given a list of foods to stay away from and drops.  Within a week he was able to control himself and ask for help is something was bothering him.  Through the scans we noticed the gluten and wheat kept coming up.  We put him on a gluten free diet and he started flourishing (his potty trouble and bed wetting went away as well).  Flash forward a year, and he is doing very well in Kindergarten.  He continues to see Dr. Robbins and take drops.  He even has drops to take at school if need be.  Dr. Robbins was a godsend to my little boy and our entire family!

I received 6 sessions of Auricular Therapy from Dr Paul Robbins during the months of Jan – April 2013 to treat for diagnosed PTSD.  The treatment was remarkably effective.   It provided considerable relief for the following symptoms:  anxiety, depression/despair, sleeplessness, difficulty thinking clearly, difficulty processing information and making decisions.  The treatment was so effective that I believe these symptoms would have been eliminated entirely had the trauma events not been ongoing.  It accomplished more in this brief time than any other treatments I had tried or have tried since.