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Helping you find the root cause of your health issues. We provide Billings, MT access to the world’s most advanced alternative and holistic technologies. Without drugs or needles, we can improve 200+ health conditions that affect our bodies.

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We strive to provide the most comprehensive care in Bioenergetic Medicine with the newest technology in the field. Through our Full Body Scan, Auricular Therapy, and Meridian Balancing, we’re able to help our clients using a natural, whole body wellness technique.

This allows us to see the entire picture of health. Physical, mental, emotional, and bioenergetic levels. 


Full body wellness scan uses technology to identify your body's most pressing issues.


A gently applied pressure on the body to increase the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, and can help a number of ailments.


Treat the entire body with reflex points located on the ear.


Boost your metabolism, burn calories, detoxify, reduces body fat and cellulite while sitting down.


Improve health naturally without drugs. We match you to the best remedies.

Dr. Paul E. Robbins BD, AD

The Natural Medicine
Doctor of Billings

The Mission of the Big Sky Natural Wellness Clinic is to improve the quality of life for each client through whole body wellness.

We have first-hand experience with medical problems that could not be helped with traditional medicine and synthetic drugs. On what began as our own search to help our family, we are helping countless others bring our bodies back to a level of homeostasis and live fuller, happier, and healthier lives.

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